A Post So Bad it Has No Name

The word to describe today’s mood is, “Gah.” I am profoundly depressed because it’s Christmas time and I miss my husband. I probably should not try to write at all.

I woke up knowing my mom would be busy with her work and that dad and I had a large to do list because “company” is coming tomorrow.

I was eager to get to the pool but concerned about my dry skin. Last night before bed I smeared myself with coconut oil. Then today as I got my suit on I did it again. After I showered I did it again. We’ll see if it helps.

I worked out in the deep pool only for about 90 minutes or so. The lap pool was busy with the high school swim team and I did not want to compete for the open lanes with other more serious swimmers. I fear I’ll wander in my lane or kick them or they’ll kick me. I prefer having it all to myself.

Tomorrow, being Christmas Eve, I’ll work out hard since there will be no exercise the following day.

I Facetimed with my stepdaughters for over two hours and forgot to come back here and try to improve this post. Plus I’m low and have a one track mind at present.

Not happy about what I ate dinner. I didn’t want pizza tonight, but dad did, so I went to pick it up. It wasn’t thin crust as I had requested so I was so aware that I was eating EVIL WHITE FLOUR. I ate three skinny pieces and stopped.

So today I ate:

1/2 slice toast

Meal replacement drink w/ 15 grams protein

Three skinny slices of pizza
2 Fig Newtons

And I repeat, “Gah.”


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