The Plus Size Exercise Clothing Dilemma

My head feels congested and I had an odd headache last night and this morning. My ear also hurts. I went to the pool and spent about an hour and fifteen minutes in the deep pool only because I was trying to keep my ear dry. After swimming I picked up some stuff for “swimmer’s ear” so we’ll see if that helps.

I think I’m just a bit under the weather, and honestly it’s pretty amazing that I have not been sick this fall/winter (knock on wood). Not sure if I should be in the water at all, but can’t bear the thought of not going. I can put in the same effort tomorrow and then have my usual Sunday off when the pool is closed. Sunday, Weighday, GAH.

I’m having a hard time finding bathing suits and yoga gear in my size. At my weight the bathing suit companies consider me plus size, which is fine because I am plus size, but then that sort of eliminates most of your serious workout suits, which I want. Instead you find things with skirts or silly colors or they are just not aerodynamic. They are more for splashing in the water than exercising and swimming.

I figure I’m about a 20 since my size 22’s are hanging off of me but I have yet to buy anything partly because my budget is so tight and partly because I’d like to put it off as long as possible. If I keep losing weight I’d be in a new size every 4-6 weeks. Thank goodness it’s winter and I’m wearing coats that cover up how ill fitting my clothes are right now.

The Speedo suit I wear is one I bought a few years ago but really never wore until the last three months. It’s a size 18, which I am not, and now it is beginning to feel loose on me in area. I think that is partly because I stretched the you know what out of it, and partly because it’s old and I have lost weight. Also it is now a sort of faded burgundy color when it used to be blue (I guess I’m not rinsing it out enough!). I think if I bought another 18 (in Speedo) I’d be ok. God I hate the idea of trying it on. The better bargains are online anyway. I’d be afraid to buy an 18 in other brands because I don’t know if they run the same.

I just picked up a yoga mat and some yoga pants. The largest pant they had specifically for yoga/sport, is an “XL” and I’ll be lucky to squeeze into it. If they are too tight now I’ll just keep them until they aren’t. All sporting goods are on sale now; the mat was $15 and the pants were about $23. That’s all I’m going to invest in my new class next week.

I know there’s a lot of fuss over Lululemon and their tiny, overpriced, see-through yoga pants, but seriously someone is missing a market here of bigger women who are in shape or are getting in shape. Of course you can find XXL and XXXL sizes in baggy sweats, but not all of us “plusers” want to wear sweats.

One issue I have with the classes at my recreation center is that I’d like to work out three or so days a week in addition to my swimming, but all of the classes are only once a week. I’m not likely to do yoga here at my parent’s house. So I thought I’d sign up for two at once so I can go twice a week. I am again appreciating how for less than $40 a month I can exercise six days a week at the pool. What a bargain.

I spoke for the first time in a couple of weeks to my husband and he did not like me bringing up the subject of money. He urged me to chill out and keep calm and so I am going to try to do that. I still can’t take off my ring.


2 responses to “The Plus Size Exercise Clothing Dilemma

  1. Keep going! It’s an absolute shame that yoga classes became this exclusive club for the female size 6 models who in a former life were gymnasts… Have you checked out the site curvy yoga? Great women featured on there:
    Sending lots of light from Melbourne,


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