Real World Challenges

WordPress informs me that today is my 20th post. It feels like my 100th post.

Today presents an interesting challenge that I am nervous about. I do not feel it is wise for me to go to the pool today because my head is strangely congested, I have an odd headache, and my ear still hurts.

This presents a challenge for me because after almost three months of swimming every day that I could, I’ve become pretty obsessed with it. In the past, when a time like this would come up, either I eat a lot of something I know I should not eat, or skip my exercise routine for only a day or two, and that gave me permission to just give up everything and throw it all away. That’s not going to happen now, but it is something I am acutely aware of.

The pool is closed tomorrow so I will have two days in a row with no swimming. I have to prove to myself that I will still eat well, move about as much as I can, and then get up Monday morning to return to my routine. After all, this is real life. In real life there are holidays and illness and weather conditions and we need to be able to go with it and not use it as an excuse to fall off the wagon.

Of course I do not consider myself on a wagon at all. I consider this a new way of living, moving, and eating, but you get the point.

This has been a weird week for eating and exercising to be honest, and now that it’s one day until Weighday, I am (as usual) really nervous about what the scale will tell me.  Also in this upcoming week I have two doctor’s appointments so it’ll be very interesting to see how their scales compare to my mom’s wonky home scale.

No matter what I have to remember: I weigh what I weigh and all I have to see is that downward trend. I just wish I had more things to distract me. After all, at two pounds a week it’ll take over a month just to lose 10 pounds!

Earlier this week I spent time watching women on YouTube highlight their hair at home. I knew it sounded risky, but I went ahead and bought one of the Revlon highlighting kits and gave it a go this morning. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good start. I did not use the cap that you pull hair through, instead I tried the “balayage” method of basically painting it on sections of hair. The trick is not to get very close to your roots and not to have a sharp line of demarcation. I did pretty well on that. When I was done I left the mixture in for 10 more minutes. I think next time I’ll increase it to 15. The bottom line is that it cost me $8 instead of $100 and I like that. I also need a haircut badly, and will probably go to a beauty college for a cheap cut. Don’t laugh at me! I just can’t spend the money on a salon cut right now.

I’m toying with the idea of painting my toenails and fingernails, but to be honest, manicures don’t last as long when you swim every day. Also, it’s still kind of a pain to reach my toes.

What I’d really like is to spend a few hours with my husband, maybe have a meal with him and just sit and talk, but that’s not going to happen.

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