Breathing and Day Dreaming

Happy Monday. I got to the pool a bit late, 10:25 a.m., and the aerobics class takes place in the deep pool (where I usually warm up) from 10:30-11:15 so I decided to go into the lap pool first and it worked out fine.

I managed to do almost continual laps in the lap pool until about 11:20 and then I spent another 25 minutes in the deep pool doing leg and ab work.

I am trying to spend less time at the edge of the pool trying to catch my breath. Today I did pretty well, staying from 3 to 10 seconds at the wall between laps.

I am able to do four freestyle laps in a row now, but only if I really pace myself and think “Immersion Swimming.” Otherwise I work too hard and don’t breathe well on my left side and end up having to stop for breath.

I know I’m improving on achieving the alternate breathing thing, but it is a challenge. I often don’t seem to have enough time to get a good breath in before my face is back down in the water. It’s not because I’m not exhaling under water first, I am. It’s because I’m not staying out of the water long enough to get a decent breath, or I end up with a bit of water in my mouth and so I naturally stop inhaling.

I have to really concentrate on how I breathe on my right side and then try to do exactly that on my left. Just being off by half a second makes a big difference. I’m getting it, but it’s slow and not at all automatic yet. Also it’s not as smooth as when I breathe on my right. I think I’m really going to like alternate breathing when I get it down and I am looking forward to swimming that way for an hour. I wonder if I have to learn to do the underwater turn. I really don’t feel like it!

I need to be sure to swim every day this week because the pool is closed Saturday due  to a swim meet and closed Sunday as it usually is. I was alarmed at how much my ear hurt when I put my earplugs in, so — I hope that does not interfere.

Tonight I will try out the beginning yoga class and I’m excited and nervous about it. It takes place from 6:30-7:30 pm so it’ll be unusual for me to be out at that hour. How pathetic.

I spent more time watching videos of people doing this Nia method of exercise. It’s a sort of no impact dance martial arts thing done in bare feet, but I just can’t see myself doing it. It’s a bit touchy feely, a bit too free love for my taste. I’m wound up too tight to make “woop” sounds as I move about.

I will probably try the beginning Tai Chi class and a yoga for weight loss class. Not sure how the yoga for weight loss will be any different from beginning yoga. It’ll be nice if I can find two classes to attend at night. And it’ll be interesting to see if I have strength for dry land activities.

It’s mind boggling how sleek and trim I feel when I swim. Of course it helps that I have lost some weight and gained strength, but that’s one of the blessings of water exercise. When I push off from the side and extend my body to the longest it can be, I feel so sleek. What an awesome feeling. I can hardly wait until it’s a reality.

I’ve mentioned before the kinds of activities I want to partake in when I lose more weight. Not that I couldn’t try them now, but the weather and my budget do not really permit.

The only other activity besides swimming that I’ve done with any regularity in my life is bicycling and I am eager to buy a decent bike. My ex-husband was a bike pro and so I cannot make myself by a cheapie bike and need to save because I’ll probably end up spending about $500. It’s maddening because I had a great bike, but then moved to London and sold it. It was perfect for me. Not too many gears. Came with fenders and a comfy seat. Damn.

I have been deprived of Oregon’s natural beauty for a number of years because I lived abroad in London and didn’t see much green. But come this Spring and Summer I hope to find a way to get some hiking in. But I probably would not go without someone more experienced than me. I just realized there is a local mountain that people hike and it’s quite a workout I’m told. I could do that on my own, Mt. Pisgah. I also used to own expensive waterproof hiking boots but dropped those off at the Goodwill before my London experience.


It’s always so nice to have the right gear for the activity.

It’s OK. One thing at a time. One foot in front of the other.

As far as fantasy activities, it would be an absolute dream to scuba or snorkel in a warm place, like Hawaii. Ditto for kayaking.

I’ve snorkeled a lot as a kid and younger adult and I know I already love it. The idea, however, of breathing under water is a whole other story! But I’d give it a go if I had the opportunity. This is one problem with living away from swimmable beaches. I dream of someday planning a vacation around kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving in a warm paradise.

And eating delicious fresh food and maybe drinking a little wine. Perhaps being in love and having someone love me.

Please let that be in my future.


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