“It Just Doesn’t Matter!”

Alright. Well, I went to the Beginning Yoga class last night and enjoyed it very much. My XL pants didn’t split (bonus). I was more limber than I thought I would be and I’m certain that almost three months of swimming really did help prepare me for the class. I’m one of the biggest people in the class, but I wasn’t the worst yogi there.

It was difficult, don’t get me wrong, and the positions that take place on one’s knees felt awful to me. I’m not sure if I have bum knees or if my knees will adjust, but I took my yoga mat and doubled it when we were on our knees because it hurt bad.

Because it was the first beginning class after the New Year and because classes are free this week, the class was almost too crowded, at least 40 people were there. I’ll bet half that number will be there next Monday.

I have decided to take the beginning class on Mondays and the Yoga for Weight Loss class on Thursdays. The class on Thursdays will include yoga and information on the “yoga lifestyle and eating” according to the instructor. I thought well, it’ll do me good to have some encouragement and be a little accountable to someone.

The instructor, Suman Barkhas., can bend himself into a pretzel, naturally. He’s been teaching yoga for 25 years and I got a good vibe from him. He teaches at a yoga and tai chi center just out of town and has taught at the city facility I go to for ten years.

I think I made a good decision to pick yoga over tai chi simply because I feel it’s a good fit with swimming. It feels terrific to stretch and I am a bit sore in spots today. I need to ease into this or I will hurt myself.

I made progress with my alternate breathing today when I realized I was not keeping my face out of the water long enough to get a good breath on my left side because I was not turning my head back far enough. When I slowed down and concentrated on it, I did well. Twice I did four freestyle laps in a row with only a couple of seconds at the wall.

I’m always amazed at the wide range of fitness there is at the pool. There are folks who can barely walk into the warm shallow pool and other people who swim fast laps for hours. I’m in the middle and it’s all good.

I don’t hold myself up as any kind of example to others except in one area, I firmly believe that you need to pick the diet and exercise plan that works for you and no one else. Not many people are going to want to follow my lead and spend two hours a day in the pool, but for me, I feel like a kid who gets to go swim and I sure hope that feeling continues.

I don’t see anyone else doing anything remotely like what I do at the pool, spending 20-30 minutes warming up and doing my own water calisthenics in the deep pool, then spending 30-60 minutes doing laps in the lap pool, and then ending with another 20-30 minutes in the deep pool exercising and cooling off.

Sometimes I think the poor lifeguards must simply think I’m nuts but then I realize, A.) it doesn’t matter what they think, and B.) they are probably not thinking that anyway. As Bill Murray said in the movie Meatballs, “It just doesn’t matter.” And that is what it all comes down to.

It just doesn’t matter what people think or how you look. What matters is that you are doing something; putting yourself out there for your sake and your sake only.

Watch this and just try not to smile:

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