To the Woman Who Stole my Husband’s Affections

To the woman who stole my husband’s affections,

I don’t blame you solely for the fact that my husband has discarded me, but you need to know you derailed our journey. Our path was ours to forge, not yours to interrupt.

Our relationship, with all its co-dependency, dysfunction, and sometimes misery, was ours and in its own way it was beautiful, because in spite of everything, we loved one another, and that’s what always kept us coming back.

Our eight year relationship has been a huge struggle for both of us with sacrifices made by both of us. At the time that you met my husband, things could not have been worse for us financially and I had finally, after eight years, run out of money to help support us. I was utterly helpless and terrified, and I was in a mode of just trying to hold on.

It was my mistake to allow my husband to go out every night at that time. I thought he was handling our problems his way, and I mine. I gave him that freedom, and then one day I realized he was no longer the man I knew. He had turned. He was cold. He was gone.

It was his choice to make, of course, and he has the right to decide to leave our marriage, but you made it easy for him, and it should not be easy to end a marriage. You let him cry on your shoulder and complain, and you made it easy for him to fuck you. The novelty of you, and the dire financial problems we were having made it easier, far easier, for him to turn his back on me.

The man I knew would never have turned his back on me.

You took him from me and then I had no chance to get him back, because he was already gone before I even knew he was gone.

It was not your right to interrupt my marriage. He is my husband. His cock was mine. His lips were mine. HIs fingers which brought me to orgasm were mine. Mine. Not yours.

I hope that you never have to experience the pain that I am dealing with, even now, more than five months on because I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy, not even the woman who stole my husband’s affections.

I go to swim every day to help myself cope with the loss of my marriage and the man I loved and sometimes I feel that the pool is a sea of my own tears. I hope that you will feel some shame about your role in ending my marriage, and that you will not find solace in the arms of my husband, but step out into the Oregon rain to hide your own tears.


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