She Runs (but mostly walks)!

Yesterday at mid-morning I got dressed in workout clothing, put my iPhone in my pocket and went out to try the free “Ease into 5K” app. You can listen to music and the app interrupts you at intervals to tell you to walk or run or give you an update on how far you’ve gone.

The day one of week one program is 31 minutes long, and I believe that included the 5 minute warm up (but not the warm down). It starts you with ninety seconds of walking and then 60 minutes of running and repeat that for the entire outing. After the 2nd round of running for one minute I realized I needed to stop running. There was too much pain in my shins.

And that’s okay because I realized a lot of other things such as:

I have tons of strength and energy. I’m just not that used to weight bearing activities. So with that in mind I think it’s fine for me to first start with fast walking and then, in time, move on to running.

I did end it at the 31 minute mark, which they figured was about 1.7 something miles, and it probably was pretty close to that for me because I kept up a fast walking pace the whole time. Perhaps for now I should find out what walking apps there are. Also I’d like to buy a pedometer at some point.

On the last leg home I felt like skipping, jumping, and dancing through the streets. I mean, it was glorious. I was clapping my hands to the No Doubt music that was blaring through my headphones. I was whistling and singing! It was wonderful… “I kinda always knew I’d end up your ex-girlfriend.”

I’m not at all discouraged in fact I’m inspired and eager to do it again. And this neighborhood is perfectly suited to walking and running and doesn’t have very many cars.

I fluctuated between a fast race walk (my interpretation of it) and a normal fast walk. Either way I knew I was getting a workout.

It’s amazing, too, when I went to warm down I did a bit of stretching and because I stretch in the pool I have pretty good flexibility.

In the pool, when I first reached back to grab my foot and pull it towards my rear end to stretch, I could not reach it. I was too fat. Now, however, I can grab that foot easily and press it to my rump easily and I can touch my toes, etc.

All I can say is I am so glad I began my journey to fitness with the gentleness of the pool and I am very eager to see what I am in store for now.

I really hope with a modification in my diet, and adding this walking and perhaps running routine, that I will take off the remaining 50 or so pounds I want to lose.

I have a busy week this week, but the thing most on my mind is my husband and why he is suddenly calling me. It is impossible to “move on” when my mind is so mixed up.




4 responses to “She Runs (but mostly walks)!

  1. What awesome progress you have made! Yay!

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