Dreams, Schemes, Plans, and Air Conditioning

I didn’t weigh yesterday or this morning. Yesterday was my father’s 80th birthday and there were simply too many temptations around. Funny, back in December I was around fudge and other goodies, and I never overate, but back then I was in a different place mentally and my stomach was in knots.

I spend every spare second making this video for my father celebrating his life and my parent’s marriage, such as it was/is. It’s grueling work, but going to be worth it, I think. It’ll still be days before it’s finished.

My daughter, with the help of my mom and dad, and her working more shifts, was able to pay her rent, thank goodness. But I promised her $100 from me when I get paid tomorrow and I’m glad I didn’t have to hock one of my rings (yet). No, I can’t afford it, but I want her to brace herself for August rent. None of us can give her money like that every month. Thank goodness we all know her to be hardworking and never asking for anything from us and she’s never taken advantage of my folks.

I was able to take a walk with her and explain my latest business idea and told her to consider, if she is going to take more university classes this fall, taking business courses, or brushing up on her French. She  seemed intrigued by my plan.

I had to tell her that as good as this idea “sounds” it may be one of my dreamy hair brained schemes. I don’t really know. I don’t know how to trust my judgement. All I know is if I start out small I won’t risk too much at once. She’s not very blunt with me, but I think she would have said something to give me an indication that it is a stupid idea and I didn’t get that vibe from her. At the least, if she thought it was a stupid idea she would have let me know that she wasn’t interested in being a part of it.

Months ago I wrote here about what my dream job would be. Well, my dream job is what I am now planning, only I am doing it on a very small scale in order to get my footing. I am going to eventually import quality goods from the UK, France, The Netherlands, Turkey, and other places and sell them online and in a warehouse type retail store.

No, I won’t be Pier One or World Market. I want to be more inventive, rustic, and rare. I will also be selling some pretty high priced stuff.

At first I won’t travel, I’ll simply find three products that I love that I think would sell, and begin my “empire” from that. I will have a gorgeous website made by a professional (not my husband). Eventually, if all goes well, I plan to travel to Europe and beyond in order to go on buying sprees once or twice a year.

My desire is to make a living selling exciting imported goods while experiencing the joy of travel.

I can imagine this might be everyone’s dream job, so perhaps it’s not unique at all. I guess what will make my business unique is what I end up importing.

As small as the UK is, it still has a fair sized manufacturing industry, unlike the USA. Certain leather goods, pottery, and several other things come to mind. I love England, and I want to go back there on my terms, not my husband’s. I’m a true Anglophile and I think a lot of other Americans are too. From loving Doctor Who to the original English version of The House of Cards, to a fascination with the royal family.

I also have an interest in visiting Turkey. It’s probably the closest I’ll get to the Middle East and they have a large manufacturing industry.

I’d write here about what I plan to try to import, but then I’d be giving my business idea away before I even have a chance to start it.

Of course all of this is dependent upon whether my husband gets a settlement, and gives me half of it.

I haven’t communicated with him for days and that always makes me very nervous. I begin to fear he’s moved away and ditched me. After I get the money, I won’t care if he doesn’t keep in touch. In fact after the money comes, I’ll start the divorce immediately.

I swam yesterday, but only for about 30 minutes. I had a headache, sinus pain, ear pain, and my right knee cap hurt with most strokes. My swimsuit is an embarrassment, the outer layer is so stretched out. I hope to buy a new one tomorrow. So today, since I still feel quite icky in the head region, I am going to walk for an hour before it gets too hot.

My mother turns her air conditioning on the minute it gets to 80 degrees outside and she doesn’t just make the house comfortable, she makes it FREEZING. I don’t believe houses in Oregon really need air conditioning. There are only a few days a year when it gets too hot. So I’ve closed the vent in my room, and yesterday, when everyone else was in shorts, I put on my robe. I don’t like air conditioning and it’s wreaking havoc with my sinuses!

I’m back to watching what I eat again today and will now get dressed and go for that walk.



2 responses to “Dreams, Schemes, Plans, and Air Conditioning

  1. Sounds like a really great plan for your business. How fun that would be to travel to other countries for it.

    • I hope to travel again someday, Cynthia! Having it be a part of work would be just fine with me. Now I have to spend time figuring it out if it’s viable or not.

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