Quick Check In

Swam this morning, although it’s hard to get to that 60 minute mark these days. When I got home I felt so tired that I actually napped for an hour, an unheard of thing for me!

At 5 pm I went to this startup MeetUp group and at first I couldn’t find the building and I almost turned around and came home. In the end I found it, walked in there, and sat down with 15 or so other people and listened to a speaker. It was interesting, but for me the important part is that I went. Especially that I didn’t turn my car around and go home when the urge to do so was so strong.

After an hour the talk and questions were over and they told us we could now “network” so I walked out the door. I don’t know how to do that. I’m far too shy. Plus almost everyone there was in a high tech industry and I just didn’t think we would relate to one another.

Listening to the speaker talk about loans for small businesses made me begin (again) to doubt my own business idea. I suppose I should consider myself lucky that I have no money to invest in it right now since I keep changing my mind.

I think it’s time for me to book some appointments with local small business associations and run my ideas off of a neutral third party. I need to get a feel for if my idea(s) can succeed.

A new idea entered my head today when I stopped by a charity shop on my way home from the meeting. I have a small collection of souvenir items I’ve bought. A porcelain pencil holder from Alcatraz prison. An aluminum Queen Mary (the ship) coaster. A catchall from France, another from New Zealand.

Most of them would be considered vintage and they are in good condition. I’ve always wondered if a souvenir based website would be of interest to anyone. There is quite a bit of it in all the charity shops and some of it is really cool. I suppose operating a website only would not cost me too much, so it’s something I could explore. Anybody have an opinion on vintage souvenirs? Believe it or not I saw a salt and pepper set today from Ohio or somewhere, and they were shaped as vacuums for some odd reason.

I have to be at the kids center at 8 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday). One of my cases is going to Grand Jury and I’ve never seen one so that’s happening. Not sure how much of it I can witness, but it’ll be interesting anyway.

It’s 11:30 now, so I’m off to bed. Haven’t weighed in days. Am still over eating. I hope I get control of myself soon.


2 responses to “Quick Check In

  1. Congratulations on making it to the meeting. I always look for some excuse not to go…. Maybe next time you can stay and network. All those people were beginners at some point and would probably welcome you!

  2. I will continue to watch for interesting topics in their group and if I think it’ll be beneficial to me, I’ll drag myself there again! Hope you’re well, Cynthia.

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