Becoming Comfortable With Myself

There’s a peace that’s coming over me and I think it’s because I know some money is coming. With that comes some anxiety because I’m not entirely sure what to do with it, but I know from so much research that I’ve done on line that the biggest mistake I can make is rush into something. That’s one reason I was glad to have to wait all these months for it.

Also since I have no idea of the amount, it impacts what I dream about.

Yesterday I nixed my patch idea because I don’t want to rely on the whims of teens and to be honest it just didn’t thrill me any more. That’s the good part of ruminating on that “great idea” for a few weeks — things become clear. The last twenty minutes of swimming is the most exciting as far as opening my mind to ideas. They just flow and flow, it’s almost too much!

I read all the classified job ads I could find in the last two days and again saw nothing remotely appropriate for me. So I went back to another previous idea and so far it’s sitting well in my  head. Time will tell, but I thought about it during my swim today and feel pretty fired up about it.

My mom said she liked another idea I had better, but I said, “Mom, I’ve realized I don’t want to have a store or restaurant for the simple reason that I’ll be a slave to it 7 days a week, and when I’m not there I’ll be paying people $10 to be there and they’ll end up making more than me in the beginning. Plus it’s a MUCH bigger investment. No, I prefer to consider a warehouse of goods and a really beautiful website. So that’s what I’m back to thinking about.

With any luck, I can get the money in October or November and be on my way to a new business of my own in January, that’s my hope anyway.

It’s interesting, with this bit of peace of mind I’m having lately, it’s making it easier to watch what I eat. I think this is my fourth day of almost no sugar. My only treats during the day are a few Fig Newtons. My only treat at night is a coconut popsicle. No sugar in my coffee or on my cereal, and NO CANDY AT ALL. It’s not easy, but I already feel better and my workouts have been great.

I’ve decided I am definitely taking a business course this Fall. The classes will be announced on September 8th, I’m pretty sure. I’ll take something that can help me with my potential business idea.

Oh, and I may need some encouragement to do it, but while my pool is closed from the 1st to the 21st, I think I will try out pools in other parts of town. It might be fun! One in particular is an outdoor pool and they do close it in the winter, but it should be open for lap swimming for a bit longer. I’ll check it out. Swimming outside would really be a kick.

I’ve changed so much. I like myself more. It’s time for me to start reaching out to people. I think I will re-think attending some of the StartUp Meetup groups just so I can meet local people, even if they are all half my age!

That’s okay. I don’t feel my age at all.



3 responses to “Becoming Comfortable With Myself

  1. I’m jealous of your swims. Sounds like such a great way to get your thoughts in order – which I could certainly use.
    And- have you tried Fig Newmans? They’re the Newman’s Own version of Fig Newtons, and they are really really good. Now I must buy some today. 😉

  2. I’ve seen the Newman’s Own fig newtons but never tried them. Now I must! Have a great weekend, NFTBF

  3. LOL, I don’t feel my age either 🙂

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