Am I Just a Foolish Dreamer?

I’m bored, I’ll be honest. But still I keep busy with weird things. I just spent ten minutes on Google Streetview to find this building that I’d like to own someday. It’s really got a 60s vibe to it and has been empty for quite a while (and up for sale or lease). When you look through the window you see old blue typewriters on the desks. I’d love to have one of those! From Streetview:

lee world travel

I’d love to know what it was built for and if it always looked that way. We simply don’t have curved archways in the Pacific Northwest and not so many tile roofs!

It’s freestanding, which is cool, has a few parking spots, and even seems to have a back outside area on the 2nd floor.

And this is what I’d do with it. The bottom floor will be my business (my daughter and I will be the owners). The top floor will be a spacious and gorgeous flat for me and any member of my family to live or visit.

And I’d paint that building, although I’m not sure how, but I suspect they’ll be some gold trim. It’s only a couple of blocks from the absolute center of town. I just adore that building.

Here’s another photo from the site that shows it for sale or lease. They are asking $875,000. It’s 3,000 sq feet plus a large basement. But it’s been for sale for years, so I wonder what they’d take.


Professional Office Space or Retail Space with additional 1,900 sf of             basement area (storage)
Two restrooms
4 on-site parking spaces
Owner will modify for retail use
Two restrooms, five private offices, lunchroom and office furniture included.

They’d probably throw in the blue typewriters!

The funny part is they will be building a brand new Whole Foods a few blocks away so no doubt someone will come alone and scoop this up. I think.

Oh, how I love the interwebz. It used to be a dry cleaners in 1945! And they satisfied “Particular People.” OMG, the phone number is “Eugene 75.” Amazing that that dry cleaners still exists elsewhere in town (with really bad YELP reviews).

lee travel old

That’s so awesome. But I wonder if it was originally built to be a dry cleaners. It doesn’t look it.

If a person can swoon over a building, I’ll swoon over it. Sigh. I see it’s changed a bit over the years. I have a problem (well, several of them, I know), but I humanize things. Like one day I was sad that someone bought one of this set of two retro coffee mugs at St. Vinnies. I felt so bad for the one left! And why not buy both of them? What’s wrong with people?

So, yeah, I love that building. And the idea of owning it, living in it, and having a successful business in it really excites me. I think if you love it more than other people do, someone should give it to you. Isn’t that how it works?

I didn’t plan on talking about the building so long. Sorry. I also spent many hours today researching my old/new business idea, which I’m so excited about I could, I don’t know, [insert something here]. I realized yesterday that if I get enough dosh, I can rent a three bedroom home with a double garage and my daughter can move down and we could run the business out of the garage for a year or so. It could be done!

Tomorrow I’m doing something rather brave or stupid. I’m leading the first ever Chump Lady “Leave a Cheater — Gain a Life” meeting in town. Five people, including myself, have RSVP’d. I’ve made a little rough agenda. I hope they show up. I already feel like an idiot waiting for them and I’m not even there yet.

The funny part is that I am feeling so much better lately about the cheating, separation, divorce stuff. I even talk to my husband without getting upset. I honestly don’t know what’s happened. I can only presume it’s the supposed money we will supposedly get. Can you imagine how disappointed I’ll be if it all falls apart? You won’t be able to scrape me off the pavement.

My parents are fighting quite badly lately. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. I’m driving to see my daughter on Wednesday and may spend the night just to have some time apart from them. Ugh.

So, I wonder if it’s harmful to dream about buildings and businesses one would like to own. And I wonder if I’m just a foolish dreamer.


5 responses to “Am I Just a Foolish Dreamer?

  1. That’s a cool building and suits your dream perfectly! Hope the meetup goes well.

  2. Thanks, Cynthia! Crossing fingers.

  3. How did the meeting go?

    • Hi, Ellen and thanks for asking! It went well. Only three of the five I was expecting showed up, but that was okay, they were good, interesting folks. We hope a few more will join us down the line. We’ll meet every other Wednesday from now on. I feel good about it! I’m on my way to Portland today to spend the day with my daughter. Hope your day is great.

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