The Trial that Wasn’t — The Men in Suits Got Scared

The case is over. It’s the worst news short of getting no money at all.

It was 2pm and they hadn’t even finished picking the jurors yet. The judge kept calling the two attorneys into his office. They wanted us to settle.

They brought us in to listen to an outside judge who said that jurors in Lane County are notorious for no award or a small award. The other side offered $50,000 and said that was their max. Everyone said a jury might not even award that much. I tried to hard to get them to go to $75 but they wouldn’t. I told my husband if it were my decision I’d go to trial and take my chances because the $50,000 they are offering feels like they’re fucking us in the asshole. It’s paid for by insurance. The people who actually treated us horribly and ended up causing the demise of my marriage lost nothing, not one cent. Plus they’ve since sold the fucking hotel for $300,000,000. They must have been laughing all the way home. Nothing like another little dose of utter humiliation! Whoopeee!

When my husband accepted that offer I just put my coat on and hightailed it to the exit. I wanted to fucking scream at everyone in the building, but I suspect people with guns would have come running. So the bottom line is I’ll get around $17,000 which is nothing to rebuild a life on. NOTHING N O T H I N G.

Nothing when you were really hoping for at least double that at the minimum. My husband said, “Now I’ll hear how disappointed you are for a hundred years.” I looked at him and said, “Why? Our relationship is over now. You won’t have to see me.”

So, I will figure out some new plan but it probably won’t be my own business. I’ll pay off the little I owe the IRS, get my car tuned, give my daughter a grand to help her with her expenses and then just sit on the rest. No moving out for me. Not until I have a job or income.

MOTHING FUCKING SHIT SANDWICH. All these cowardly judges and attorneys wringing their hands, “Ooooh you might get nothing!” THEN ANSWER ME THIS: why do those motherfuckers throw around such huge numbers like $625,000? Or $350,000? Why? What a retarded system.

My worst case scenario was ending up with $25 or 30,000 and I didn’t make that. I was so hopping that this money would in the teensiest way make up for what my husband did to me. But that’s not gonna happen. I’ll live and I’ll be okay. And I’ll go register with a temp agency tomorrow.

I’ve got some good healthy anger toward my husband and the system (THE MAN) right now, but I am also devastated for my husband who has so many people to pay back that he’ll really have nothing left. This is tragic. That’s why I felt he should have gone to trial.

I can’t say more because I’m still a wreck. Can’t be bothered to re-read it.


6 responses to “The Trial that Wasn’t — The Men in Suits Got Scared

  1. There’s not a lot to be said, it’s clearly devastating and the only consolation is that it’s over and you know where you stand now. Sorry it’s not what you were expecting, I know how much you had planned 😦

  2. im sorry it didnt work out the way it was supposed to.
    i wasnt going to get all ‘at least its x y z’… but yeah, its over, and now you can start making real plans! and theyll be awesome!

    • Exactly, bamboozled1, I’m so glad it’s over and even though it’s crap news, at least it’s some money and not no money. I’m moving forward with my life now. Thanks so much for your comment. xox

  3. I’m sorry it’s not better news. Xx

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