It Turns Out I Already Have My Own Business

The only real area of growth that I see for myself in the last year, is understanding that low times don’t have to last or kill me. I can hold on during them. I don’t have to react, or worse, over-react.

I worked for two days on my eBay site to try to make money for the holidays for my parents and daughter. I knew I had some money coming from Paypal and wondered why it was taking so long. I thought I usually got an email saying when funds were available. So I went to find out WHEN they’d be available and saw that $250 was just sitting there waiting for me to transfer it to my bank account.

It will take a few days, but it’s on the way. I can’t believe I let it just sit there as broke as I am. And I’ve got more pending.

I realized last night that I have my own business already.

And my parents are fully supportive of this. They get a kick when I walk out and say, “Remember this German sugar bowl I bought for $4.99? I just sold it for $70.” And I have to admit, it’s quite a thrill. (Although finds that good are not that common.)

Their dining room table is filled to overflowing with my eBay store items. This weekend I will buy some clear bins so that I can store the stuff on the shelves my dad cleared for me in the garage.

And when I can save enough, or when the magical money comes my way, I’ll buy two things that I will design myself, and I’ll sell those on eBay too — new things. Right now it’s all used stuff, mostly “mid-century” which is loosely 1950-1970-ish.

And later this weekend I’ll go back to my storage unit and fill my backseat up again. Then take it home and wash it, photograph it, Photoshop it, and get it on eBay.

Last night I stopped and made a Twitter account for my eBay store so that I can promote myself a little.

I feel like all I’ve learned is coming together into something pretty awesome.

And now that I have hope again, my yearning for my husband goes away. I see how this works. I don’t have a lot of control over it, but I see it and I get it. Perhaps that’s a start.

I’m trying so hard to learn, grow, and evolve.

(And thanks, Cynthia, for your pep talk).

This morning I’ll go ship that expensive sugar bowl and then I’ll spend the afternoon at the kids center. The weekend will be busy with work!

Here’s the link for my store. I share it only for informational purposes and would never expect a blog reader to buy anything so please know that. And if you’re on Twitter, my Twitter handle is @castlemoatstore.

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