He’s Left the Country. He Took Her to London. I’ve Been Conned.

My husband has been behaving suspiciously for about a week or two. He’d say things in a way that made me suspect he wasn’t going to be around. I’d ask him what he meant, but he wouldn’t expand.

A couple of days ago I messaged him and it took a long time for him to respond. He said he was home sick and had a fever. I asked if he had someone to bring him what he needed and he said yes.

Then I began to put something together, like feeling there was a significant time difference with our messages and no phone calls whatsoever. And I new it

Last night at about 1 a.m. I began to message him telling him I knew he was in London and why would he lie to me about that. I was typing so fast. I said why lie about going to see your own children FFS? What a ridiculous thing to lie to me about.

But of course he lied because he doesn’t want me to  know he has the money to travel, and to upgrade their seats. Yes, THEIR seats.

Let me tell you that of the dozens of times he and I have gone across the pond, he or his family paid for his ticket maybe three or four times. I paid for everything else. And no, no one ever bought me my ticket.

So, I managed to find her photo and her name and the fact that they own a Honda together and are insured by Geico. She looks like a proper young woman, about 30 at the most. She’s tiny like he is. They look so gentle and sweet together. They were standing in front of a fancy restaurant in town. One he and I never went to.

So that’s all fine. It’s helped quash any feelings of desire I had in me for him. They’re so gone they can never be resurrected.

But yes, I’d like to know how he got the money to go. And I want to know if he has the case money. I want to know if that man would actually keep every penny from me.

When I tired to tell him I was signing off, it was 2 a.m. and I wanted to go to sleep he began subtly changing the argument and making it all my fault that the case was ruined. All my fault.

This is the last of the conversation we had:

moving liquid:
i helped you.
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
You have on the way accused me of everything
moving liquid:
well, can you blame me? you’re lying to me about being in the country
you’re not a truthful person
to lie for no reason is ridiculous
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
So much so that everyone needs to know how unreasonable you can be.
I had to talk to [attorney] 6 times regarding our contract
moving liquid:
oh you’re funny. look at you trying to make me out to be difficult.
you’re so transparent
why are you making this worse?
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
And each time I had explain to him why you’re cannot accept the agreement we already have
I am not
moving liquid trying to be able to say you tried to appease me but I was unwilling? why are you setting me up now?
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
I am not making anything worse you do
moving liquid:
I’ve done nothing but try to help you with this case for the year
throughout my own grief.
i put it aside
and helped you
and you’re sitting here telling me I was a pain with the contract. what’s wrong with you?
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
No you haven’t helped me
You have helped me because you’re helping yourself which is fine
moving liquid:
I was going to bed. and you had to make this my fault. you simply had to. you’re most narcissistic human being on the planet
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
No. Stop typing so I can be comprehended
moving liquid:
no. listen you’re typing this as though you’re going to show it to someone, “See how unreasonable she is? See how high strung?”
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
You made it bad because I didn’t want [attorney] to know about my dirty laundry
moving liquid:
okay what dirty laundry is that? and when did i tell [attorney] ?
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
You’re paranoid
moving liquid:
you mean I am your dirty laundry?
you’re calling me, a person you drained financially, cheated on, and blamed me for it, dirty laundry?
there is no end to your insults
is anyone living in the apartment?
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
No my private arrangement with you was between us only. I didn’t want [attorney] to know my weak points
moving liquid:
I can’t imagine what you think i told [attorney] that he can use against you
i did everything you said
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
He was afraid of me till then
You didn’t tell him anything
moving liquid:
you can never take blame. you can never even blame him. You’re actually trying to blame me.
you have no idea how you sound
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
The point is that you upset balances
That’s what you do
moving liquid:
i’m going to bed. Don’t you dare blame me for the failures of your life.
Slimy Cheating Bastard:
You woke me up then you disappear
You have no manners

—- END —-

I can’t say any more now. I’m emotionally spent. I took about nine ativan last night just to be able to get a few hours sleep.

I knew I had been conned. But I thought there was still some hope at getting back just a fraction of what I lost to that man.

There are no words.

My faith in humanity is broken.



4 responses to “He’s Left the Country. He Took Her to London. I’ve Been Conned.

  1. oh my god, im so so sorry. i dont know what else i can say. thinking of you tho.

  2. Thank you very much, bamboozled1 😦

  3. So sorry. What an awful person he is.

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