Crickets on the Job Front but eBay Sales are Up

Well, when I had that phone interview the woman told me she hoped to be interviewing people last Friday and today, Monday. Since I haven’t heard from her I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume I will not be called for a face to face interview. To be brutally honest, I think I came across as a bit over eager, one might even say desperate, and slightly odd.

I don’t feel desperate for a job, but I felt desperate for that job. And even while I was answering her questions I thought, ‘what on earth is coming out of your mouth?’ Ah, well, it was a learning experience. Next time I have a phone interview I’ll take an Ativan and keep cool. It is a shame, though. I could have done that job well.

Meanwhile I’ve been busy at church, which is nice. And tomorrow I am responsible for a lentil soup dinner that will feed 60! I’m nervous but excited. They have a really nice professional kitchen and I’ve been getting more and more familiar with it and I’ll have help. Because it’s Lent, the meal is very simple, just Lebanese lentil soup with flatbread and crudités.

On Saturday I was in the kitchen at church with rubber gloves on up to my elbows helping to wash pots and pans for the breakfast for the homeless they run twice a month. I was working alongside a woman who seemed a bit anti-social  — she wasn’t rude, she just didn’t know how to take me. I felt that I came across as odd again and noticed that I’ve felt like that a lot lately.

I think perhaps I am a bit odd but I don’t feel it puts people off me, well, maybe a couple of people, but who needs them. I tend to be too forthright sometimes if asked about my husband and our situation. I am figuring out how to like myself in spite of my weirdness. Most of the people I’m now interacting with don’t seem to mind that I’m odd.

I started that new blog for my eBay business but haven’t been inspired to write too much. But I thought my last article would have fairly broad appeal so I posted it a couple of times on Twitter. I have no idea if it’s because I tweeted a link to the article, but from Friday to Sunday I sold nine things and today I sold the tenth thing. That never happens. I don’t know what caused it but I really, really like it. It almost feels like a sign to start my own “real” online business, which I’ve wanted to do for years.

We’ll see. As far as I can tell, about 33 people have read my latest blog post, but I really don’t know what possessed people to start buying from me. Has eBay moved me up to a better category? I have no idea. But if it keeps up, I’ll be very happy.

For so long I’ve kept back most of the rare things I find because I want them and fear I’ll never run into them again, but after my recent sales I’m more excited about the money, and plan to sell many of those things I thought I’d keep. It’s too bad I can’t get to the majority of my stuff because my storage is jam packed. But, when I do move out there will be many sales to be had.

I have fantasies of renting a two bedroom so that the second bedroom can be filled with shelves and a table to easily take photos of my stuff. It would make everything a whole lot easier. It doesn’t hurt to dream.

If I were inclined, I could take a few thousand dollars when I get this check and go ahead and import the thing I’ve wanted to import for years and sell it from my eBay store. It would be a great experiment and I’m very, very tempted to do it. Actually, I have that one gold ring left and it reminds me too much of my crummy marriage so perhaps it is fitting that I use that instead of my settlement money. Even more tempting. That way no one can say I’m “wasting” money on my own business. I’m 57 and still worried about what my parents might say — that’s awful!

I’m going to do some legwork and see if I can make it happen. I paid $4,300 for the 18k ring about four years ago. I hope I can get at least a couple thousand for it. I might be in for a disappointment, but I’ll look into it.

This is day 13 of Lent and it’s going well for me. Could be better, of course, but it’s nice to just be more aware of God in my life in general.

So, to recap: No job. I’m weird. But I’m still inspired to start my own business.


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