I Got A Job

I wrote this yesterday and posted it in the forums on the Chump Lady website. If you’re unfamiliar with the site, you must be registered to see the forum section. The responses I got from dozens of amazing, strong, women just blew me away. I know they are genuinely happy for me that I have finally gotten here. I have such deep admiration and respect for each and every member of Chump Nation as they run or crawl their way to their new cheater-free life.

The post:

I Got A Job At The Place I Volunteer

I am just beside myself right now. Beginning next week I’ll work half time for two weeks and then full time. In July the position will be made permanent instead of temporary and the benefits will follow.

I don’t know what possessed me to volunteer at a child abuse assessment center, but I’ve been there over a year and everybody there is way, way younger than I am but they’ve embraced me. They made me feel welcome, they made me feel competent, they really appreciated my efforts.

18 months ago I was a morbidly obese and miserable 56 year old woman whose husband just dumped her for a 26 year old. He had cleaned me out financially and I was bankrupt. I moved in with my parents. I began to swim, a lot. I swam and I lost weight. I came here and cried and cried and cried. I began to volunteer. It got me out of my head. I kept going to counseling, sometimes weekly. I joined a church and became very active in it. I began to rebuild my credit. And now I’ve been offered a job at the place I’ve been volunteering. It just makes me feel like sometimes good things happen to good people, people who work and apply themselves.

In the coming months I really will be moving out to my own small apartment — something I was really having trouble believing would ever come. I am so eager to get all my stuff out of storage and decorate the place how I want to decorate it. For the first time in my life I will be independent and it feels so good.

The pain of infidelity truly separates the men from the boys and even though it has taken me a long time, I have risen to the occasion. After a lifetime of depression and countless suicide attempts I finally decided to fight and not give up.

— end —

I have to say I’m in a daze (part of that is the cold medication I’m on). But I simply can’t believe I finally got to this place and I actually feel capable and strong.

I do wish I could share the news with him until I remember he’s not on my team any more.

The support I’ve received from the folks who read here and occasionally comment has also greatly impacted my recovery. Thank you.


8 responses to “I Got A Job

  1. Omgosh – that’s so exciting! Congratulations!! 😀

  2. Oh wow, that is brilliant ! I am so pleased for you.
    Been following your blog for well over a year and it’s been so good to see how you have been putting your life back together. You have come such a long way, and done so well. Hurrah !
    🙂 xx

  3. Moving Liquid, you have done so much personal work and I have been watching from my laptop. I am so proud of you for just continuing to step forward day after day. You so deserve a break after all you have been through! It is inspiring to hear you say that you are moving towards independence. I thank you so much for sharing your story in the virtual world, please continue. It is understandable that you would want to share your triumphs with someone you thought loved you for so long, rest assured that your news here is so much more meaningful to us… as I personally am inspired by you, glad for you, and hope that my break is around the corner…
    Good for you, you are mighty!

    • ENM, what kind words. I appreciate them so much. I truly do feel as though you, and my other fellow chumps really are witness to my struggle and progress and it’s meant everything to me. I hope YOUR break is right around the corner!

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