Making Peace With my Scale

I’m glad I don’t write here everyday as I used to when I was in the throes of agony over my ex’s cheating. I’m glad that my life truly has settled down. I am happy to write when I have something to say or get off my chest.

I’ve continued to weigh nearly every day and this morning I was almost exactly what I weighed when I started. It’s been interesting for me to simply have the courage to weigh each morning and watch my weight fluctuate by almost five pounds from day to day. I guess you could say I’m making peace with my scale.

But I’m not making peace with my weight. I just know I have to come at this from a this is forever state of mind. I’m tired of gaining and losing, gaining and losing.

I turned sixty at the end of last month. Me, 60. It’s mind boggling because I feel like I have always felt. But I simply don’t want to court ill health by being so overweight. That’s the bottom line. And I’ve been quite lucky so far. (Knock wood).

But there’s more. My weight tells people, whether it’s true or not, that I have no self control. My weight tells me that I don’t consider myself worthy of having a partner because, after all, who would want me like this?

I don’t really believe in “fat acceptance” but I do believe in loving yourself where you’re at in your journey, no matter what. I do not think, however, that this world would be a better place if we all keep getting fatter and fatter and fatter.

At my age, I’m not concerned with things that concerned me twenty or thirty years ago. I’m not obsessed with looking young but when I really applied myself (after the discard) by swimming nearly every day and eating small meals I felt so damned good physically. My butt fit in my chair better. I could easily cross my legs. I didn’t worry about being the fat one on the plane. I enjoyed how my body felt and the energy and strength I had. I’d like to get a little of that back.

I don’t care how long it takes me as long as I see progress. In fact I think it may be good for me to purposely lose weight slowly.

Yesterday I decided two things, a.) I want to buy a juicer, and b.) I want to buy a treadmill.

I gave a decent juicer to my daughter before one of my many “moves” to England and I’ve missed it. I tend not to eat much fruit and veg unless they are juiced. I’m pretty savvy about making them healthy and not overly sweet.

So last night I spent three + hours researching juicers and settled upon this one, the Omega J8007S. It’s quite a step up from what I had before, but still not a top of the line juicer. It cost me $240 which is an enormous investment in my health.

My project for the weekend will be to buy a treadmill. I’m a good walker, but I don’t enjoy walking in my neighborhood. I feel too cold, too hot, too embarrassed at who might see me, too alone. I don’t walk as far as I’d like because I just want it to be over. But I’ve had success with a treadmill before, and want to give that a go. And I like knowing I can do it whenever I want to do it.

I’ve also recommitted to vegetarianism. I was a vegetarian for over 20 years when I met the ex, a meat eating Iranian. It took a while, but eventually he seduced me with barbecued shrimp and Persian style chicken kebabs. Since then I’ve eaten bacon and now and then some fish, but I don’t feel good about any of it.

I don’t enjoy eating it much, I never have, even as a kid. Also, I am seriously sensitive to the pain and suffering of animals. I can’t eat any meat without thinking of the life and death of the animal. I’m so relieved to eat the way I want to eat and will not compromise again.

So I feel optimistic that I can embark on this journey of health. With any luck I can work into my seventies and keep being independent. Yes, I should have acted before now, but I’ve been busy regaining my sanity.

Thanks for reading.



5 responses to “Making Peace With my Scale

  1. Watch Forks over Knives on Netflix… they address exactly the issues you’re talking about! 😀

  2. All of this is good. Long game not instant. What you believe and want to eat not what’s still around from his influence.

    I was a veggie for a short bit, until I found out how terribly allergic to soy I am. Since I live alone my meat consumption has dropped drastically because I can’t seem to be bothered to cook it, and or it takes so much longer. When I was in college I loved white beans and tomato sauce. It sooooo “poor food” but they just taste yummy and are fairly good for you aside from more sodium than I need. I have allowed myself to slip back into loving them again. I have asked myself if I am going to go veggie and while I am not bothered to make it happen, its not impossible. I didn’t used to do it from an animal caring perspective, but lately I have become a massive jumble of emotion and that is really hard to deal with.

    • That sucks, being allergic to soy — I do enjoy many soy products so that would make life difficult for me. Do you like lentils, garbanzo beans, other beans?

      Do you make your white beans with tomato sauce from scratch or is it like Heinz beans which are so popular in England? I occasionally buy them from World Market — in the UK they eat the with eggs, on baked potatoes, they are a real staple! I’d love to know how you make your white beans w/ tomato sauce.

      My oversensitivity to the suffering of animals has been hard to deal with over the years. I usually chalk it up to one more weird thing about myself. (I recently discovered I can’t stand to have one hand wet and one hand dry.) — I’m weird.

      But even as a kid, before I realized meat was animals, I just hated the stuff and would gag if a piece of fat got into my mouth.

      I’ve never been preachy about what people should or shouldn’t eat, but I am glad that there is more awareness, not only for health, the suffering of animals, and the environment — grateful for things like Meatless Monday because if people just reduced meat consumption, the world would breathe easier.

      xox so nice to chat with you.

      • I do mean the canned ones. They are cheap and full of protein and tasty and small. Making from scratch would usually involve me cooking like I was preparing for my insanely large extended family in a slow cooker and its not worth the effort.

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